Different industrial steam boilers are necessary to perform various technical procedures. Such kind of equipment can both produce sufficient amount of steam and simultaneously heat necessary volume of water for production. Any modern industrial boiler is an automatic unit which is characterized  by high efficiency and high capacity.

When choosing industrial heat boiler it is necessary to consider required capacity, dimensions and fuel type.

Industrial steam boilers are easy-to-use, do not require constant control during operation and have good operational parameters.

Energy efficiency of such kind o equipment is very high. Maximum environmental safety is considered to be a doubtless advantage of this equipment.


  • Smokebox
    This steam generator is considered to be a humidity chamber: a furnace and a fire box located at the end of the furnace are totally surrounded by water without refractory.
  • Internal furnace and two gas vents
    Combustion process takes place inside a metallic furnace and smokes go through two tube vents.
  • Saturated steam
    High quality of produced saturated steam is a result of big evaporation surface and specially designed drop separator.
  • Thermal efficiency (90%)
    High efficiency is guaranteed by quick velocity and circuit of gases that facilitates heat transmission.
  • Liquid and gas fuel
    The combustion engine is a generator designed for two types of fuel and can be applied for both liquid and/or gas.

Compact equip with first brand accessories
Steam generator is a single structure. It has incorporated all necessary elements for its automatic start up: burner, water pump, electric control panel and first quality valves and automation systems.

Easy inspection and cleaning accesses
The boiler has a gas expansion hole which let have access to the furnace. To examine water/gas chamber there is a man-hole in its upper part, inspection holes on chamber both sides and cleaning and extraction holes in its bottom part.

Approved construction
Steam generator can work automatically in conditions of remote observation.

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