Rehabilitation pipe systems

Rehabilitation pipe systems

Rehabilitation pipe system is a flexible slip lining solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes. The system consists of a flexible Kevlar reinforced liner and specially developed end fittings. Rehabilitation pipe system is not bonded to the host pipe and is self-supporting. An annulus remains between rehabilitation pipe systems and the host pipe. Developed by experienced engineers, the system is suitable for different media as well as various application needs and has already proven itself in numerous projects.

Multi-layer characteristic

  • Outer Layer 1:  Abrasion-resistant PE sheath
  • Kevlar Fabric 2:  Seamless, woven aramid fibres as static load-bearing layer; Single-layer or double-layer fabric design
  • Inner Layer 3:  Media-specific based on PE or TPU

Multi-layered structu0re for a maximum efficiency.

Flexibility with extremely high material strength – mutually-opposing properties which rehabilitation pipe system unites thanks to its incomparable structure: its multi-layer structure, as well as the small wall-thickness, make rehabilitation pipe system the ideal system for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes: stable and secure, with diverse areas of application and high levels of efficiency.

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